Custom Built


Even if you’re not a gamer, you should look to your graphics card as an important part of the ecosystem when you build your own computer. The GPU is becoming more and more important for everyday tasks, and its power is being seamlessly integrated into modern day operating systems and applications. Everything from Blu-ray playback to transcoding video for your mobile device, the GPU is quickly becoming as important when configuring a custom PC as any other choice

Your computer's hard drive is more than just a place to store digital stuff. It also has a tremendous impact on the responsiveness of your PC, as more often than not it's the slowest component in your computer. The good news is that a new type of hard drive technology is beginning to mature and reduce in price. Solid state hard drives have no moving hardware, are completely silent and run much cooler than mechanical hard drives with rotating platters. The only downside is they're more expensive. For the price of a high quality 128GB SSD, you could buy a premium 2TB hard drive. That's why our customers who build a computer online for the home are buying more and more SSD caching solid state drives to speed up a large, slower mechanical drive of one to two terabytes. SSD caching works by seamlessly storing copies of your most often used files on a speedy SSD hard drive that’s invisible to you and managed automatically. That way, when you boot up your computer and launch your favorite applications, it feels much faster than a stand-alone mechanical drive, and it doesn’t add that much to the price! It's a killer combination that puts a smile on peoples' faces when they try it out for the first time - it's really a shift in performance that must be experienced.