Antivirus & Spyware

Prevent further infectious damage today. Our expert technician can remove those pesky bugs and get you back online safely and recover your lost data. Bring Your Computer Back To Life As a home PC user you are faced with your own set of unique challenges. New advancements in technology are presented continuously. Software upgrades and revisions are released before you can get the old one installed; and new malicious viruses are released daily, looking to infect the unwary PC user with the newest threat. It is easy for the home PC user to become overwhelmed, and your computer system to be bogged down or worse yet come to a screeching halt.We Are trained to understand the frustrations facing everyday home computer users. Our technicians take pride in their ability to diagnosis your system, perform computer repair, enhance performance with PC tune-ups, and provide safe virus removal, usually faster than you can get to the local repair shop.